Konjac, a super food that we just realized

The Konjac plant in Indonesia was already known to people in the 50s and even long before that. Due to limited knowledge and limited experience, people at that time did not want to eat it, even the konjac plant was known as snake food. The side effect of eating konjac tuber decoction that is not processed in the correct way, causes irritation and swelling of the lips, tongue and mouth as a whole. So people forbid their families from consuming it and even forbid them from going near the konjac plant because it “contains poison.” Torn konjac leaves if handled without gloves cause itching and irritation.

Currently at PT Dapur Porang Prima, Konjac leaves have been converted into Konjac Leaf Powder Drink or Konjac Leaf Tea through continuous experiments and laboratory tests have been carried out at the Bogor Agricultural Institute Integrated Laboratory. And the results are very encouraging. Tea drinks are fibrous and contain minerals and antioxidants and are useful for improving health.

Konjac Leaf Tea is drunk before going to bed at night, it makes you sleep soundly, and you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. The glucomannan contained in konjac leaves provides the same benefits as the konjac glucomannan that comes from the tubers.
Konjac Glucomannan Benefits:

  1. Diet, for people with obesity who want ideal body weight
  2. Diabetics, lower blood sugar levels
  3. Heart, helps absorb and destroy plaque in the blood (free radicals) so as to avoid heart attacks
  4. Improve digestion
  5. Purchase
  6. Immune system
  7. Cancer.
  8. Good for Autism

The konjac plant that we use comes from the Amorphophallus Muelerry Blume family. The world’s best konjac is in Indonesia. The tubers are yellowish white in color and have the highest levels of glucomannan and good viscosity. Good quality produces good products.

Be selective in choosing your food and drinks which will become part of your body and your body’s health. Let’s live healthy, natural, simple and be happy. healthy greetings to all of us.
PT Dapur Porang Prima is a producer of food and drinks made from the best Konjac Glucomannan mixture. We are micro, small and medium businesses with innovative, quality and hygienic products.







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